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If you have a qualification in 

Health / Allied Health

Natural therapies or 

Early Childhood

You meet the prerequisites to become

a Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC)


Imis is Australia’s #1 Baby Massage Training Provider

With ongoing lifetime support, Imis is a trusted provider of comprehensive training programs in Paediatric Massage

Looking to add to your current qualifications?

Training as a Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC) involves completing an evidence based, intensive course through IMIS. Consultants support infant, paternal and maternal well-being; teaching parents massage techniques that benefit the child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. Consultants can also provide presentations to professional groups, advocating the researched benefits of paediatric massage.

Incredible Support: Skills, Knowledge, Resources

IMIS provides the skills, knowledge & resources students need to utilise their new qualification.

Learn how to facilitate parent classes & consultations for private work or use within your current work environment.


Daily Massage Routine

IMIS students learn how to demonstrate a safe & effective, full-body massage sequence that is easy for parents to incorporate in their baby's daily routine.

Adaptations for Special Needs

We include a unit of study on techniques for children with additional needs.
Help as many families as possible experience the benefits massage can offer.

Pre-term / Low birth weight

IMIS pre-term & low birth weight content makes it easy to customise your tuition appropriately.
Assist parents and newborns who have a challenging start to life.

Older Children

IMIS training includes a unit on massage adaptations for various developmental stages.
This unit covers recommendations for toddlers through to adolescents!

Reflux & Digestive Discomfort

Our massage recommendations for children suffering from reflux, wind & digestive discomfort are easy to learn. Assist parents by teaching effective, purposeful massage routines.

Infant Body Language

IMIS students learn to interpret baby body language cues used during massage. Understand ‘learned responses’ & ‘reflexive cues’, helping parents respond to Baby’s needs.

Baby Yoga

IMIS content includes baby yoga! Learn a series of passive movements that enhance coordination, increase lymphatic circulation,  & strengthen the immune system.

Researched Benefits

Review the researched benefits of massage including reductions in stress hormone levels, increased serotonin levels and increased vagal activity; just to name a few!

Massage Mediums

Understand what oils are recommended for massage and why. Learn about allergy testing, which oil types have been found to induce eczema symptoms & more!

Those Are Just A Few Main Topics Covered,
There Are Plenty More

Flexible Study: Class or Correspondence

IMIS gives you the opportunity to study in a way that suites you. Easily complete 9 units and 4 competency tasks in a way that suites your lifestyle, schedule & learning style to earn your new qualification.

Package Options: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

IMIS does not limit you to one set of inclusions, we prefer to give you options. From ‘bronze’ to ‘gold’, minimal essentials to a full resource pack created by past students; we let you decide. Select the enrolment pack that is right for you.

‘Bronze’ / Essentials

‘Silver’ / Essentials + Marketing

‘Gold’ / Full Resource Pack

What Else?
A Qualification That Is Yours To Keep

Wondering about renewal requirements? IMIS provides thorough support for past students, so there are no compulsory renewal intervals. When you earn your new qualification, it’s yours to keep. Refreshers are available. You’re welcome to schedule these as and when you feel you need them.

Comprehensive Guidance:
Using Your New Qualification

IMIS helps you get started with your new qualification as quickly & easily as possible. Attend class or study via correspondence & complete 4 competency tasks including a massage demonstration, multiple choice exam, practice teaching session and a mock professional presentation. Once certified, follow the step-by-step guide covered during training to start offering baby massage classes & consultations. With a professional team to help you with questions and support, it doesn’t get any easier.


Innovative, Approachable Trainers

A strong team of trainers are the backbone of any training organisation, and IMIS has assembled the best in the field. Our training team are experienced in paediatric massage as well as a variety of affiliated fields including nursing, midwifery, massage and small business management. The IMIS training team is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about the content they cover; ensuring training is both compelling and fun.

Student Reviews:
We Support our Students,
And They Support Us.

We are dedicated to supporting consultants. When you train with IMIS, you’re never alone –  needing to figure things out by yourself. We love hearing from past students as well as those currently studying. See what students are saying about IMIS!

“High quality training and support
– Thank you to all of you!”

The IMIS training staff have formed such an important part of my journey setting up my business. I will be forever grateful to them for their high quality training and support, thank you to all of you!” – Jackie Gorman

Help Meet The Growing Demand for IMIS Paediatric Massage Consultants!

We are IMIS, a passionate and dedicated group who advocate for the benefits of infant massage. In 2000 we set out on a mission to improve the lives of babies and families through touch and massage and IMIS was born. Since then IMIS has become the #1 baby massage training provider with thousands of wonderful students worldwide. We encourage you to complete your baby massage training, it will change your outlook on the amazing role massage can play for infants and their families.


If you have any questions about training in Paeditaric Massage, we're happy to help. :)

You can submit you questions online or call us on 1300 558 608.

Correspondence Training

Baby Massage (Admin) - Thursday, April 11, 2019

Baby Massage Correspondence Training:

Only 1 more application will be accepted internationally 
for the 
JULY 2019 baby massage correspondence intake

Enrol now to secure you place.

Correspondence positions are limited:

To ensure our trainers do not have too many students to support simultaneously,
positions are strictly limited for each intake period.

July 2019: 
Commence study within the month of July
Complete by 1st October 2019 or sooner 
Total study commitment = 24 hours 
Complete the program as fast as you wish

Learn about:
- What oil should be used
- What is the best time to massage?
- How long should massage last?
- Techniques & recommendations for premature/low birth weight infants,
  older children & children with special needs.

Click here to view a full list of the units of study



How does correspondence study work? 
- 24 hours of home study
- Work your way through theory work and practical footage
- Contact a trainer for support as needed
- Submit competency tasks online or by mail


Competency tasks / Assessments 
Practical assessments are submitted by filming yourself and forwarding
or uploading the recordings for marking.
Detailed reports are issued to ensure any misunderstandings or mistakes
can be clarified & corrected prior to certification.

Baby Massage Course Prices
Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) course prices range from $1125 - $1650.
Interest free payment plans are available and instalments can go through to the
end of April if needed.

For information on the Paediatric Massage (PMC) qualification, please click here.

Please note: An additional fee of 150AUD applies to students residing outside of Australia.


To apply:
Enrol online or call the Infant Massage Information Service on 1300 558 608 .

Infant Massage Information Service reviews


If you have any questions about the April baby massage correspondence intake,
we're happy to help. :)

You can submit you questions online or call us on 1300 558 608.


Baby Massage (Admin) - Monday, April 08, 2019

Baby Massage August:

APPLY NOW: Sydney baby massage course dates for 2019 have been released: 16 - 18 August 2019.

Those who would like to enrol in the Sydney course need to submit their applications 
via one of the following methods:

1) Online via - click here to enroll online
2) Submit an application form (this can be downloaded after requesting a brochure from Infant Massage Information Service)
3) By phone, call 1300558608

Baby Massage Sydney training dates & location

16, 17 & 18 August 2019
9am - 5pm
58A Macleay Street, Sydney

Sydney course fees / cost
CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) enrolments are available from $1125 - $1650. 
Interest free payment plans are available for course fees.


As an Infant Massage Instructor you will be able to teach parents massage techniques they can use with their baby 
and help them with related advice. 

Learn about:
- What oil should be used for baby massage?
- What is the best time of day to massage?
- How long should massage last?
- Are there special techniques for pre-term infants, older children or children with special needs?

Click here to view a full list of the units of study.

What do past students have to say?
Infant Massage Information Service reviews

If you have any questions about joining the baby massage course in Sydney, 
the Infant Massage Information Service will be happy to help.

Please submit your questions online or call 1300558608


Baby Massage (Admin) - Tuesday, April 02, 2019
Baby Massage Programs

Applications are now being accepted for the
Melbourne 15-17 November 2019
baby massage course
There are 3 ways to apply:
1) Click here to enrol online
2) Return an application form via post or email

3) Call 1300 558 608

Training location & dates
Centre for Adult Education
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
15-17 November 2019
9am - 5pm each day

Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) enrolments are available from $1125 - $1650

Personalised payment plans are available. Enrol with a part payment of $200 and finalise the balance via instalments between now and October 2019.

As an Infant Massage Instructor, you will be able to teach parents massage techniques they can use with their baby and help them with related information and advice.

Learn about:
      • What oil should be used for baby massage?
      • What is the best time for massage?
      • How long should massage last?
      • Are there special techniques for pre-term/low birth weight infants, older children and children with special needs?

Ready to enrol?

We're happy to help :-)
Contact the Infant Massage Information Service online, via phone or email.
Phone: 1300 558 608

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