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Infant Massage therapists (known professionally as Certified Infant Massage Instructors or Paediatric Massage Consultants) work all over the world, in a range of different settings. Their income is quite varied, with some working in baby massage full-time or part-time, as a hobby and others as volunteers.

Many Infant Massage Instructors and Paediatric Massage Consultants work for themselves, running their own small business and as such, they are able to set their own rates for their baby massage classes and private appointments. In a recent survey conducted by the Infant Massage Information Service, baby massage instructors reported charging from $29 - $60 per person for attendance at a 1-hour baby massage class and from $120 - $180 per hour for private appointments.

Class sizes reported varied from instructor to instructor, with some preferring to work with small groups of 4-6 and others teaching groups of up to 20 at a time.

Based on the survey responses received, some baby massage instructors earn up to $1200 for teaching a 1-hour baby massage class, while instructors charging a lower rate with smaller groups report earning $116 for a 1-hour class.

Overall annual income would vary depending how many classes and appointments are accepted in any given week. Those who work in baby massage as a hobby may only teach every once in a while (perhaps once a month, or once a fortnight). Those who use baby massage as a full-time income teach a lot more, offering up to 5 baby massage classes per week and sometimes accepting one-on-one appointments or home visits outside of class times. Teaching this often, with large class sizes equates to an income of over $6000 per week at the top end of the scale and over $580 per week at the lower end.

In addition to their tuition fees, baby massage instructors often have items available for parents to purchase such as baby massage oils, massage booklets, USBs and massage cushions. The sale of these items to parents who request them also supplements income for some instructors.

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