IMIS acts as a professional association for students and professionals holding, or studying for a recognised qualification in infant massage.

We keep members up-to-date with any new research, or general information pertaining to infant massage to ensure our students and past students are always aware of new developments and recommendations relevant to the teaching of infant massage.

Being a member of the Infant Massage Information Service has many benefits, incuding:

  • Access to the locked members area online
    The members’ area provides access to research articles and general interest articles to ensure members are kept up to date. 
  • Referrals
    When clinics, parents, area health services and organisations contact the information service looking for a baby massage instructor, the information service can provide referrals to you if you wish. Once you have completed your training, paperwork is provided which asks if you would like your contact information to be made available.
  • Instructor Support
    IMIS offers ongoing support to instructors and consultants while they are utilising their baby massage qualification. We feel that it is important for instructors to be able to contact a trainer to discuss questions, recommendations, ideas, or concerns whilst they are working in the industry.

Types of Membership:

  • Professional $150
    This category is open to qualified Infant Massage Instructors and Paediatric Massage Consultants.

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  • Fellow $150
    This category is open to members holding a Paediatric Massage Consultant qualification. This is the highest level of membership available and indicates that a member can give theory- based presentations to professional groups on the benefits of massage for infants and older children in addition to working with parents teaching baby/paediatric massage.

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  • Student $66
    This category is open to students who are currently completing their baby massage training. Students can move to professional or fellow level membership status upon certification. Student members are not required to pay the full, professional membership fee of $150 but only the difference in cost between student membership and professional level membership. The gap fee or 'upgrade fee' of $84 enables students to progress from student to professional level membership following training.

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  • Affiliate $66
    This category is open to students who have not completed certification within their enrolment period and to instructors and consultants who would like to continue having access to the members site and newsletter but who may not be teaching during the relevant member year.

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  • Membership upgrade $84 Membership upgrade is available to those who would like to upgrade their membership status from student or affiliate level to professional or fellowship level. A membership upgrade can only be done if you have a current/valid student or affiliate membership.

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You can also print your membership form and post to IMIS - PO Box 3455 Dural NSW 2158 Australia.