Preterm demonstration doll
Perfect for realistic practice sessions, boosting confidence, and ensuring the best start for premature and low birth weight babies.
Price: $85.00


A vital tool for working with parents of premature and low birth weight babies.

At just 36cm in length, this specially designed doll is tailored to accurately represent the size and needs of premature infants. Research consistently highlights the profound benefits of touch therapy and infant massage for preterm and low birth weight babies, including increased daily weight gain, earlier hospital discharge, enhanced soothability, and improved long-term outcomes.

When instructing parents of premature infants, it's crucial to provide them with a realistic learning experience. Standard demonstration dolls simply don't measure up when it comes to accurately representing the size and delicacy of these little ones. Expecting parents to practice techniques on a doll that doesn't mirror their baby's size can lead to confusion and uncertainty.

With the Preterm Demonstration Doll, you can bridge this gap by allowing parents to practice massage techniques on a doll that closely resembles their premature baby, helping them to gain confidence and proficiency before applying these techniques directly to their baby.

Whether parents are learning at home or in a hospital setting, having access to a Preterm Demonstration Doll ensures they can observe and replicate techniques effectively. This not only builds their confidence but also lays the foundation for a nurturing bond between parent and baby.