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Baby massage has been increasing in popularity for many years now. An increasing number of parents want to learn infant massage having heard about the benefits it can provide. 

Learn safe & effective massage techniques by gaining certification, learn at home from the complete baby massage pack, or book an appointment with an instructor.

The list of researched benefits continues to grow but research has also found that caregivers feel more confident, less stressed and felt a closer bond with their baby after learning infant massage.

  • Get Certified: Keen to learn about all the benefits massage can provide for your family as well as learning how to perform safe & effective massage techniques? Why not gain an accredited qualification yourself. In addition to using the massage techniques with your own baby (niece, nephew or grandchild), you then have the option of earning additional income from teaching other parents if you choose to do so. Do you need to have a baby to gain certification? No, there are no prerequisits to train, all are welcome Find out more...
  • Learn at home: Work through some simple step-by-step techniques using the complete baby massage pack. The pack contains a USB, booklet and bottle of organic massage oil and support is offered via phone, email and online chat for any questions you have while practicing the techniques shown in the pack.
  • Learn from an instructor: An IMIS Certified Instructor can teach you safe and effective massage techniques in one of their parent classes or via a private appointment. For contact details of an instructor near you, contact us and let us know your post-code and we can provide you with the name, contact number and email address of your nearest instructor.