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Some common questions from our students that we hope will be assistance.

When you have completed training...

  • Teach parents safe & effective massage technique
  • Receive ongoing support following your course
  • Volunteer teaching infant massage to disadvantaged families
  • Assist parents to relieve infant wind, constipation, eczema and sleeping difficulties
  • Earn from $75 - $435 per hour for private appointments and classes

How can I use my new qualification?

Your new certificate will qualify you in teaching parents effective massage techniques to use with their children. You can demonstrate a standard massage sequence for use on a daily basis for general health and relaxation or more specialised techniques for exceptional circumstances, such as when the baby may have colic, wind, or constipation for example.

Your training program covers how to begin working as an instructor, including setting up group classes and taking private appointments or home visits with parents, teaching infant massage. We also provide support following your training to assist with any questions or concerns you have while you prepare for, and take your first parent classes or private appointments.

Alternatively, you may choose to use your qualification within your current line of work - a midwife teaching as part of their current position is a good example of this. Many attendees however complete training as a new interest or for additional income which they can gain from a job that they will enjoy and feel passionate about.

Is there a market for infant massage?

Yes. Natural therapies have been increasing in popularity for many years now and infant massage is a part of this industry. Many parents want to learn infant massage even if their baby isn't experiencing any difficulties because they have heard about the benefits massage can provide.

How can Baby Massage help?

Parents who attend infant massage classes or book with you for a private appointment are usually looking for something that will help their baby with problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux or sleeping difficulties. Attending an infant massage class can also be a nice way for them to meet other parents, or a private home visit can be the perfect thing for those at home trying to cope with a baby who has colic or reflux.

Can I use my qualifications overseas?

Yes. It is possible to utilise your qualification throughout Australia and overseas should you wish to travel or relocate in the future. The qualification attained is Certification as an Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) or Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC). Instructors and Consultants are permitted to advise and promote the fact that they were trained and certified through the Infant Massage Information Service. They can also promote that they have an internationally registered qualification in infant massage through the Infant Massage Information Service.

How much do instructors and consultants charge?

There is a recommended fee structure in place that sees instructors and consultants making from $150 to $435 per 1-hour group class (depending on class size) and from $75 - $120 per 1- hour private appointment. With these tuition fees it does not take long to recoup your training program fees.

How many assignments are there in the online course?

There are 3 tasks to complete for the Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) qualification. 

Open book exam: a 50 question multiple choice exam which ensures you have reviewed the course theory work. You can submit your answer sheet via email as an attachment. 

Practical task 1: A video recording of a massage demonstration completed on a demonstration doll. The doll will be included as part of your enrolment fees and posted to you. You are given a list of techniques to record. This recording goes for approximately 20 minutes, however there is no set time requirement for the submission. Any recording device is acceptable. Most students record the submission on their smartphone. The footage is uploaded to google drive for the trainers to view and they provide you with a detailed report on each technique, breaking the techniques up into different components to ensure that if any technique isn't demonstrated correctly, you know exactly how to correct these. 

Practical task 2: You complete a practice teaching session with a volunteer parent and infant or you can complete this task with a friend or family member 'playing the role' of a parent. For this task, you teach the parent a number of massage techniques, demonstrating on your demonstration doll and you also teach them some theory information such as what oil to use, when to massage, how long to massage for etc. You are provided with a list of techniques and topics to cover. There is no set requirement on length of the recording but to give you an idea of time, submissions are usually between 40 minutes to 1 hour. Any recording device is acceptable. Most students record the submission on their smartphone. The footage is uploaded to google drive for the trainers to view and they provide you with a detailed report on each technique and all the theory information covered. The feedback is extremely detailed to ensure you will be feeling confident prior to certification.

Do any additional fees apply if I need to resit assignments?

No. It is very rare that our students need to resit assignments as the assessment instructions and course content we provide is very thorough and we ensure students receive clear information on what they need to do to successfully complete each task. If you find you do need to resubmit an assessment, there will not be any additional fee to pay.

Do I need to hold a membership to maintain certification?

Professional registration is recommended but not compulsory. Professional registration is $150 each year. 

Do you accept students whose native language is not English?

Yes, IMIS baby massage training is available internationally, we work with students from all over the world.

Are course materials available after training has been completed?

You will still have access to the course materials after the training period including your training manual and the video footage provided which you will use to learn the practical techniques. 

How long do I have to complete the online course?

When studying via correspondence you are welcome to study at your own pace. Most students finish everything within the space of a few weeks however you are welcome to take your time and complete the course at your leisure, when it fits in around your other commitments. There's no pressure. You are welcome to submit your assessments for marking whenever you're ready. 

Can I still complete training if I can't attend all 3-days of the course?

Yes. If you would prefer to complete your baby massage training via a face-to-face 3-day course instead of the online course, but you're unable to attend the full 3-days,  a personalised study plan is arranged. A personalised study plan ensures you cover all units of study and enables you to gain your baby massage qualification by partial attendance at a face-to-face course and part external (home) study. If you would like to complete training this way, simply enrol in your selected 3-day course. Once you have enrolled, email to advise the days and times you will be able to attend the course in person and we will ensure you know what content you will be covering via external (home) study. You will be welcome to chat with your trainer during class breaks and before or after class if you have any questions about the content you have reviewed in your own time.

Here to help 

IMIS offers ongoing support to instructors and consultants once they are working and utilising their new qualification.

We feel that it is important for instructors to be able to contact a trainer to discuss questions, recommendations, ideas, or concerns whilst they are working in the industry.

Instructors and consultants are offered the opportunity to keep up-to-date with any new research, or general information pertaining to infant massage and child development via membership with the IMIS. This helps to ensure that they are always aware of any new developments and recommendations relevant to the teaching of infant massage.

IMIS certified instructors also provide support to each other via our online, restricted member area forum (and some members and IMIS state representatives local meetings). Here they can discuss their classes and appointments as well as their promotional activities and ideas and ask questions about each other's experiences. Due the varied professional backgrounds of our members, they provide a wealth of information to each other in a wide range of areas.