Are you a member of a professional association and need CPE / CPD or CPU points or hours?

IMIS students earn continuing education points/hours with their respective professional associations for their baby massage training course. Student transcripts confirm course hours, results and units of study. Qualification certificates also note total course hours and can be used as supporting documentation if needed to accrue your continual professional development points/hours. 

Your baby massage qualification can be used throughout Australia and overseas. The Infant Massage Information Service works with students worldwide providing both the Certificate in Infant Massage Instruction (CIMi) and the higher level, Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC) qualification.

The information service has assisted a wide range of organisations including Woolworths, Gaia, QV, Catholic Care, Barnardos, State health services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Bupa, Raising Children Network, Huggies, Terry White Chemmart, Priceline Pharmacy, Channel 7, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and support organisations and the Reflux Infants Support Association by providing training or information and advice on infant massage in addition to referrals to qualified Infant Massage Instructors and Paediatric Massage Consultants who have completed training. 

Become an instructor

I trained with IMIS because they are the only organisation in Australia that is nationally and internationally accredited for the Paediatric Massage Consultant course. All my expectations were met and more! Perfect location and venue, fantastic trainer. Absolutely recommend. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the content & believe the course is of great value. Awesome course.


The Massage Association of Australia recognises IMIS courses for continual professional development and IMIS is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) to teach a continuing education course titled, IMIS Instructor and Consultant Training.