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Parents are discovering that massage can help their child settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux and eczema. It even helps reduce post-natal depression.

Massage is more than just relaxation. Learning the right massage techniques is vital to ensure that both you and your baby experience the many benefits that massage can provide.

Attend a certificate training class, learn at home or request an appointment with an IMIS certified Instructor.


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Massage can provide so many benefits, not only for the child but for parents and siblings as well.

  • Why do the chest and abdomen need to be avoided at the beginning of a massage?
  • Why should I avoid using olive oil or creams to massage my baby?
  • What age can I start massaging my baby?
  • How much pressure should I use to help relieve colic?
  • Is massage appropriate at bath time?
  • My toddler doesn’t like to lie still anymore – is that the end of massage?
  • Learn the answers to these questions and many more. Find out about gaining certification... 
  • Learn at home with the complete baby massage pack containing a step-by-step USB, booklet & oil 
  • Request an appointment with an IMIS certified Instructor

"Thank you! Now I feel confident about massaging my baby and look forward to this special time together."
Stella, East Corrimal, NSW

"I'm so impressed! Very informative - especially for a first time mum like me."
Stacey, Dapto NSW

"Enjoyed learning to massage and also the information. The time together is relaxing and also feels I'm tuning into my babies needs. Would definitely recommend the course."
Michelle Avalon, Sydney