Professional, comprehensive baby massage training

IMIS training content has been written and reviewed by industry leaders. Theory and practical components cover a wide range of topics including low birth weight/preterm, special needs, older children and how to run baby massage classes and appointments. All practical and theory work required for full certification is covered as part of your training with thorough support provided while you study and after you have received your qualification.


Practical infant massage techniques

  • Using a 'permission' cue prior to massage
  • Recognising and responding to infant cues during massage
  • Safe positioning for baby massage
  • Important points to remember prior to massage time
  • Full-body massage routine
  • Passive exercises for lymphatic drainage and flexibility (baby yoga)
  • Using touch to teach relaxation

Formal theory

  • Methodology of IMIS baby massage techniques
  • Researched benefits of paediatric massage for infants, older children and parents
  • Basic daily cycle of an infant
  • Appropriate timing for massage
  • Recommended oils for paediatric massage
  • Stress signals during massage
  • Massage sequence, pressure and timing for infants with symptoms of lower abdominal pain ('colic')
  • Contraindications for baby massage

Altering techniques for special circumstances

  • Massage sequence, pressure and timing for wind and constipation
  • Massage recommendations and positioning for infants with reflux (silent and vomiting)
  • Personalising and adapting massage for children with special needs
  • Touch therapy for pre-term and low birth weight infants

Respecting children as people

  • The importance of touch in bonding and attachment
  • Using permission and appropriate responses to cues during massage to teach early body safety and allow children to have practical experiences of being the 'boss of their body'.

Considering the parents

  • Increasing parental confidence in recognising and responding to their child's cues through massage tuition
  • The importance of parent relaxation for massage time
  • Research review on the benefits of baby massage for post-natal depression
  • Recognising and responding to signs of post-natal psychosis when teaching baby massage

How to utilise your qualification

  • Facilitating baby massage parent classes, private appointments and introductory sessions
  • Promoting your baby massage services
  • Preparing to teach baby massage
  • Class strategies
  • Paperwork and record keeping
  • Accessing ongoing support after your course

Awareness and adaptations

  • Newborn reflexes to be aware of when teaching baby massage
  • Developmental milestones to be aware of when teaching baby massage
  • Adapting massage as children progress through different developmental stages (birth through to adolescence)


  • The child protection act: Requirements and obligations for Infant Massage Instructors and Paediatric Massage Consultants
  • Providing good customer service while teaching infant massage 
  • Insurance recommendations
  • The importance of correct terminology for teaching and promotion
  • Recommended fee structures

Enjoy helping babies & their parents in this rewarding field


Met my expectations and more. I loved all of it. I was given good information and paperwork to reflect back on. The class facilitator was an awesome trainer who made the course really interesting and easy to understand.

I haven’t studied for years and didn’t think I would enjoy the course soo much. Professional, friendly, approachable . I absolutely loved it and our instructor Heidi was so knowledgeable and just lovely.

If you are thinking of a qualification in Infant Massage then I would not go anywhere else. These guys were great and very professional. Our trainer Paula was patient and thorough in her approach. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend them.

Easy and informative. Went above what I was expecting.

Certified Instructors earn from $75 - $435 per hour for private appointments and classes. Paediatric Massage Consultants earn up to $350 for a one hour presentation for a professional group.

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