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Training can be completed via attendance at a group training or via a thorough correspondence study option. Both methods cover all units of study so it is just a matter of selecting which method suits your learning style and lifestyle best.

How does correspondence study work?

Your study materials are forwarded to you and you receive a suggested study guide from your trainer to help make your way through the program within your enrolment intake period.

The easy to follow Demonstrational footage guides you through all your practical techniques. Your allocated trainer is available to support you as often as you need.

Class trainings

  • Intensive 3-day course
  • Limited students per class
  • Fast track qualification
  • Ongoing support via phone or email

Correspondence training

  • One-on-one support with your allocated trainer via phone or email
  • No classes to attend so no need to take time off
  • Same qualification as class training
  • All practical demonstrations and techniques are incorporated and reviewed.
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How will I be assessed if I study via correspondence instead of a group class?

If you are gaining certification via correspondence your assessments are sent to us via mail. Practical assessments recorded on a video camera and uploaded for marking and reporting. The reports returned to you are extremely detailed to ensure that if there has been any misunderstanding in regards to demonstration or technique, that these are corrected prior to certification.

For students who complete Infant Massage Instructor Certificate training at a group class all assessment work is completed within their 3-day intensive.

Correspondence enrolment intakes

Positions are limited to 10 students per intake group. Enrolment is now open for our current intake enrol now online to secure your position or contact the Infant Massage Information Service on 1300 558 608 to assist with questions and enrolment.

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