Snuggle Me Cushion Organic
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The Snuggle Me Cushion was designed to meet an infant’s need to feel secure. When an infant is laid on top of the cushion, the sides gently pull in to hug them, making them feel as if they are still being held or touched. This comforts an infant and ultimately makes them more content.

The Snuggle Me Cushion features a non-padded centre sling area. When a baby is laid on top of this area, the sides of the cushion will gently pull in to snuggle a baby. This gives them the sensation of being held or touched, allowing them to feel secure even after they are laid down.

Babies spend 9 months tucked securely in their mother’s womb. After they are born, they are comforted by things that remind them of that secure place.

The Snuggle Me Cushion provides a comforting and familiar hug that helps babies stay content when a caregiver needs to lay them down. This allows babies to get the rest they need during this very critical developmental period.

This organic cushion is made with all organic cotton fabrics & hand-filled with raw organic cotton. With a removable, organic cotton cover, regular washing & cleaning is easy. 

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • ORGANIC AND USA MADE: USA-made, CPSIA regulated and GOTS certified organic. Sewn and inspected in Minnesota USA. No flame retardants or other harmful chemicals. Lounger shell made with 100 percent organic cotton. Comes with a removable organic cotton cover.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE: Because of its light-weight design, the Snuggle Me Organic makes the perfect co-sleeping aid, but can also be easily moved around the house for lounging, tummy time, infant massage or a changing station.
  • NUMBER 1 TRUSTED, NON-TOXIC SLEEP SOLUTION FOR BABY: Designed to fit baby's head and torso (with legs draped over the bottom end) the Snuggle Me Organic's center sling will gently pull in to hug your baby. This unique "snuggle" design helps avoid interruptions to baby's natural sleep rhythms.

"... it is the best product I have ever purchased. My daughter is now 4 months old and this is the only place she feels content and secure to sleep." 


More information

The Snuggle Me is the original, award-winning, multi-functional lounging system for babies 0-6 months old. For 10 years the Snuggle Me has been recommended by natural birth professionals, pediatric chiropractors, and yoga practitioners. Snuggle Me is unique because of it's their patented center sling which is slightly raised and unpadded. When baby is laid on top of the Snuggle Me, the sides will gently pull in to give baby the sensation of a hug. For baby, it tames the moor reflex that can cause them to startle awake. It also provides the familiar feeling of confinement that allows baby to sleep in more solid stretches. The Snuggle Me is perfect for babies who refuse to sleep anywhere but a parents arms, resist sleep in the back position or wake as soon as they are laid down. Additionally, the Snuggle Me is a closed system, which ensures baby remains in their safe sleep space, maintains a healthy neutral spine, and securely fits baby so they cannot roll or flip in the bed itself. Organic and USA made the Snuggle Me is hand-crafted in Minnesota USA by highly skilled, local sewers. They also take great pride in sourcing all of their natural and organic materials from family-owned USA manufacturers. Snuggle Me is made with fully breathable materials sourced only from the USA. They are a cpsia small batch manufacturer complying with all government safety standards in their division. All of their fabrics adhere to cpsia certifications, which are the strictest certification standards in the world. The Snuggle Me is fully machine washable, contains zero flame retardants, zero ethylene glycol, no phthalates or bpa's. The Snuggle Me can be used for lounging, tummy time, sponge baths, infant massage, a changing station and much more.


Item Weight 3 pounds
Product Dimensions 27 x 18 x 4 inches
Target gender Unisex
Material Type Organic cotton
material_composition 100% Organic Cotton
Care instructions To avoid shrinking of the lounger or cover, wash and dry on cool, gentle settings. Only dry lounger part way and finish by air drying for best results.