Medium Skin Tone Baby Massage Demonstration Doll
Our soft-bodied dolls are perfect for infant massage demonstration.
Price: $165.00


Introducing the IMIS Baby Massage Demonstration Doll – your trusted partner in mastering the art of baby massage! Standing at an ideal 51cm, these remarkable dolls are crafted with precision using a blend of 1/4 vinyl and 3/4 cloth on their arms and legs, ensuring both realism and durability for seamless baby massage demonstrations.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our dolls feature a lifelike presentation, complete with realistic wrinkles and dimples on their faces, hands, and feet. This authenticity creates the perfect canvas for parents, expectant parents, or seasoned infant massage professionals to enhance their skills and gain confidence. IMIS dolls provide an unparalleled platform for refining massage techniques, offering a confident and nurturing experience for both practitioners and caregivers.

The extra soft body of the doll is ingeniously designed to showcase the correct massage pressure for abdominal massages, making it an invaluable tool for imparting this skill with confidence.

Cleaning is a breeze with our IMIS dolls – simply spot wash the body with warm water and light soap after removing the machine-washable one-piece outfit and matching hat. Not only are the outfit and hat adorable, but they also ensure that your demonstration doll remains clean and hygienic between massage demonstrations.

IMIS proudly partners with a family-run business that has been a pioneer in doll manufacturing since 1982. With over 30 years of experience in crafting lifelike baby dolls, our manufacturer guarantees the highest quality for your baby massage demonstration needs.

Each IMIS baby massage demonstration doll adheres to essential requirements for length, body type, limb type, and flexibility, ensuring a consistent and reliable tool for your demonstrations. Inspired by the diversity of our community, our doll range reflects a commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Elevate your baby massage demonstrations with the professional touch of the IMIS Baby Massage Demonstration Doll range. Enhance your skills, build confidence and create a nurturing environment for both parents and infants. Add this exceptional doll to your cart now – thank you!