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Baby Massage Course

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Thinking of training in baby massage?

The popularity of baby massage is growing and this is a fantastic time to obtain your qualification 
as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor or Paediatric Massage Consultant.

Baby Massage Qualifications

Teach parents baby massage techniques and help with related advice using your new qualification
as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Learn about:
- What oil should be used for baby massage?
- What is the best time of day to massage?
- How long should massage last?
- Are there special techniques for pre-term infants, older children or children with special needs?

Click here to view a full list of the units of study.

No prerequisites apply for the Certificate in Infant Massage Instruction. 

If you have a related background such as massage, nursing, midwifery, physio, OT, early childhood etc 
- the Paediatric Massage Consultant qualification is better suited for you.


How do I complete my training?
Training can be completed via a 3-day intensive class or by correspondence study.

What can I do with my baby massage qualification?

As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor you can work with parents, teaching them safe and effective massage techniques for their baby. 

You will be trained in how to work with parents in a group class setting (i.e. how to run a baby  massage class) as well as how to run private, one-on-one appointments.

Some baby massage instructors utilise their qualification in their current place of work but most work for themselves; with parents and organisations contacting them directly to book their services. Parents and organisations then pay a tuition fee directly to the instructor.


How do I get appointments or bookings for my baby massage classes once qualified?
This can be as easy as placing information (such as brochures, posters or flyers) in your local area so that parents are aware of the services you provide. You can also promote your services online via social media etc. Parents then contact you directly to make a booking. 

If you register your qualification with the Infant Massage Information Service (via professional membership) you can also receive referral bookings. The information service receives requests for qualified Infant Massage Instructors from parents, friends and relatives (wanting to purchase gift certificates), baby product companies, local councils, health services and pharmacy chains. When these requests come through, contact details of the closest instructor(s) are provided. Professional membership is optional and costs $150 p.a.

Is there any follow up support after training?

Yes. Significant ongoing support is provided.
Past students are welcome to stay in touch via phone, email and the member forum following training. They receive support and advice from experienced instructors and can ask questions related to their infant massage work. The ongoing support has no expiry. Whether you completed training 2 days ago or 20 years ago, we provide support and advice in relation to your infant massage work.

What do instructors usually charge?
Instructors are able to set their own rates for their baby massage appointments but the following charges are suggested: 
$120 for a 1-hour private appointment
$29 per booking, per 1-hour baby massage class 

A survey conducted by IMIS showed some instructors charge between $30-$60 for attendance at their 1-hour baby massage classes. 

Instructors are also able to set their own class sizes. It is suggested that new instructors cap class size to approximately 6 parents, while experienced instructors can manage class sizes of 15-20. 
Fee intake examples:
- A parent class with 15 participants, paying $29 each would provide a fee intake of $435 for a 1-hour baby massage class.
- A parent class with 6 participants, paying $29 each would provide a fee intake of $174 for the 1-hour class.

Baby Massage Course fees / costs
CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) enrolments are available from $1125 - $1650. 

Personalised payment plans are available at no extra charge 

Please note, course fees need to be finalised in full prior to commencement of study.

You can enrol with a part payment of just $200 and the course fee balance can be paid via instalments. 
If you prefer to receive your training materials straight away, you can pay in full at the time of enrolment. 

There are 3 different enrolment packages to choose from. Click here to see the course fee table.

What do past students have to say?

Infant Massage Information Service reviews



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How to apply

There are three ways to submit an application for the baby massage course:
1) Online via (click here)
2) Submit an application form (this can be downloaded after requesting a brochure from Infant Massage Information Service)
3) By phone, call 1300558608

Questions? We're happy to help :)
If you have any questions about joining a baby massage course, the Infant Massage Information Service will be happy to help.
- You can submit your questions online
- Email us via
- or call 1300 558 608

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