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Lorna's Journey

At the heart of Blackrock Village in Dublin, there's a hub that's changing the lives of parents and babies—Little Roo Parent & Baby Hub. This multifunctional space is where families come together for support and education on maternal health, antenatal care, and infant massage. It's a place that embodies community spirit and care. And it's where one of our own, Lorna Reardon, is making a significant impact with her training from the Infant Massage Information Service (IMIS).

A Serendipitous Connection

Lorna Reardon, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC), has taken her skills across the globe from Sydney, Australia, to Dublin, Ireland. Her journey began in February 2020, when she completed a face-to-face course with IMIS in Sydney. Little did she know then how far her qualifications would take her.

“Prior to arriving here, I stumbled across a neonatal ICU nurse called Karen, who has set up the most amazing facility called @littleroo in a suburb of Dublin,” Lorna shared with us. This chance encounter with Karen, who had created a vibrant community space called Little Roo, marked the beginning of a new chapter for Lorna.

Store front of Little Roo Parent & Baby Hub, Dublin

Little Roo: A Paediatric Village

Karen's vision for Little Roo is truly inspiring. She has created what she calls a "paediatric village"—a rented space that serves as a one-stop-shop for parents and babies. The hub offers a range of services, including baby massage, maternal health support, antenatal care, and workshops featuring guest speakers like nutritionists and neonatologists.

Lorna was thrilled to find such a well-rounded facility in her new neighborhood. “When I reached out to her when I arrived, she was very excited to have another experienced paediatric nurse who is trained in infant massage and therefore she could take a long deserved break,” Lorna explained. With Karen ready for some much-needed downtime, Lorna stepped in to lead the baby massage classes.

Teaching and Learning at Little Roo

For the next three weeks, Lorna took on the role of instructor at Little Roo, sharing her expertise in infant massage with the local community. Her classes have been met with enthusiasm and appreciation from parents eager to learn how to bond with and soothe their babies through massage.

“It has been the most wonderful experience,” Lorna said. Her background as a paediatric nurse and her specialised training in infant massage have allowed her to offer a unique and valuable perspective in her classes.

Incorporating her paediatric training, Lorna also added baby first aid to her sessions. This addition has proven invaluable, providing parents with crucial skills to keep their little ones safe. “As part of my paediatric training, I have also been able to incorporate baby first aid into my classes, which has proved very valuable,” Lorna noted.

Baby massage class for parents at Little Roo

The Ripple Effect of IMIS Training

Lorna's journey is a testament to the far-reaching impact of IMIS training. The skills she acquired through our certification program have not only equipped her to teach infant massage but have also allowed her to integrate other essential elements of paediatric care into her practice.

The training provided by IMIS is comprehensive and versatile, preparing instructors to adapt to various settings and meet diverse needs. Lorna’s success in Dublin showcases how our program can empower professionals to make meaningful contributions to communities around the world.

Building Community and Confidence

At the core of Lorna’s work is the goal of building confidence and community among parents. Infant massage is more than just a soothing practice for babies; it’s a bonding experience that fosters emotional connection and promotes well-being for both parents and children.

Through her classes at Little Roo, Lorna has created a supportive environment where parents can share their experiences, learn from each other, and build lasting relationships. This sense of community is especially important for new parents who may feel isolated or overwhelmed.

Lorna receiving her IMIS Certified Infant Massage Instructor qualification

Inspiring the Next Generation of Instructors

Lorna’s story is not just about her journey; it’s about inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Her experiences highlight the opportunities that come with being a certified instructor through IMIS. For those considering a career in infant massage, Lorna’s success demonstrates the potential to make a real difference in the lives of families.

By teaching parents how to massage their babies, Lorna is helping to create a foundation of trust and love that will benefit these families for years to come. Her work at Little Roo is a wonderful example of how IMIS-trained professionals can positively impact their communities.

Joining the IMIS Family

Lorna’s journey from Sydney to Dublin is a reminder that the skills and knowledge gained through IMIS training are not bound by geography. Our certification program equips instructors with the tools they need to thrive anywhere in the world.

If you’re passionate about supporting families and enhancing the bond between parents and babies, consider joining the IMIS family. Our training program is designed to provide you with the expertise and confidence to succeed as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor or Paediatric Massage Consultant.

Lorna’s story is just one example of the many possibilities that await you. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or expand your current practice, IMIS offers the training and support you need to achieve your goals.

Lorna studying in Sydney at the Infant Massage Information Service (IMIS) training course

A Future Full of Possibilities

As Lorna continues her work in Dublin, we at IMIS are incredibly proud of her accomplishments. Her dedication to promoting infant massage and supporting families is truly inspiring. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Lorna and for all our certified instructors around the world.

For now, Lorna’s story serves as a reminder that with the right training and a passion for helping others, you can make a meaningful impact wherever you go.

So, if you’ve ever thought about becoming a Certified Infant Massage Instructor or Paediatric Massage Consultant, take the leap. Follow in Lorna’s footsteps and embark on a journey that’s as rewarding as it is impactful. The world is waiting for the skills and compassion you have to offer.